If you got the email and did the survey you can ignore this – but wanted to post this on the website as well as not everyone sees email and given yesterdays events this may have been lost in the pile and I don’t want to resend at this point. We have had an excellent response with 130 surveys already – that is more than the turnout for most board elections.

In response to a general desire to improve our member service as well as to provide data to the board and membership for the coming meetings at BACFest we have prepared a short (10 question) survey.

For reasons I’ll give in a moment we are using an outside service called “Survey Monkey” rather than polls on the website. The link below is how to take the survey, it should be fairly easy for even the most web challenged.


Survey Monkey is a leading online survey service used by 1000s of businesses. We are using Survey Monkey for several reasons:

  • We want free and unrestrained feedback so we wish the survey to be anonymous – we can’t do that on the site.
  • The website “poll” format is very limited – Survey Monkey lets us ask more questions in a more flexible format to get better quality responses.
  • Survey Monkey makes it easier for you to provide input and us to tally the results than the 15-20 polls that would be required to answer the same set of questions on the site.

Now, some key points.

  • The survey is not on the BAC site, it’s at SurveyMonkey.com.
  • You don’t need to login to the BAC site first
  • Survey Monkey does use cookies to implement the survey and to try to prevent double voting.
    • Yes you can cheat and double vote by gaming the cookies various ways.
    • We’re on the honor system here.
    • Honest results will benefit the club as a whole the most.

  • The survey is anonymous. We don’t capture IP addresses, emails or any other tracking data.
  • The anonymous nature of the survey also means anyone with the link can take the survey – please do not share it with non-members. We will also be posting this to the club business area of the site that is members only but other than that and this email you will not hear any more.
  • We will close this survey late the Friday night of BACFest so that we can have final results for the Saturday board and membership meeting.
    • So you have nine days, if you care, please answer.

  • We will be completely transparent – the results will be shared with the club as a whole although probably as a practical matter not until after BACFest.

Again, that survey link is http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6M7H8F3.

Thanks everyone,

BAC Executive Committee and Webmaster

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.