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I just finished getting the VG’s installed on my “Mouse” and here are the findings:

Plane: 1969 Beech 23 Musketeer Custom III. 180hp, CF-YVA Both tests were based at same altimeter setting, OAT, Altitude and 1500 RPM Before After diff % diff No Flaps 65 59 -6 mph -9.2% 1 notch 60 55 -5 mph -8.3% 2 notch 55 52 -3 mph -5.5% 3 notch 52 50 -2 mph -3.8%

Comments: First thing I noticed was the way the plane “jumped” off the runway. This can probably be attributed to a slower rotation speed with the VG’s and I was still rotating at my regular 75 mph. A 4 way GPS speed comparison actually found speed to increase by a couple of knots. With out a digital tach it could have been a slight difference in RPM but at least the VG’s did not reduce the speed! Found the handling in the air more “crisp.” The ailerons seemed to have more control at cruising speed and the plane was noticeably more responsive.

The stalls were very mild with no surprises ie no wing drops etc. As per the test instructions with the VG’s I went to altitude (7,000ft) and configured power off, full flaps, trim tab at full nose up travel and hands off. The plane stabalized at 65-67 mph and 700fpm descent. Interesting after this I pulled back further to see how it would handle and it stalled and then “bobbed” to correct itself and started an oscillation of stall, bob down and then stall. I couldn’t get the plane into a full stall but descent had now increased to 1000fpm.

Disclaimer! I am NOT a test pilot. I am a 350 hour private pilot with 150 hours on this plane. Your test results may result in different findings. If you want to see the VG’s and discuss them further I will be arriving in Oshkosh Sat July 23rd and leaving Thursday July 28th. Will be camping under the wing in the General Aircraft Camping. The tail numbers are CF-YVA and its red and white. Have a great day and fly safe Wayne Pedersen wayne@pedersentransport.com Claresholm, Alberta

Submitted by Wayne Pedersen


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