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More info on BAF Fly-In

Hey, it’s getting close to the NE Fly-In. Time to put out some useful info re BAF.If you have never been to Westfield, MA before, it is usefull to know that it is part of a close triangle of airports. AND THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE OR SOUND ALIKE!

WestOVER (CEF) is east of the Connecticut River. See all those BIG green C-5’s? That is NOT where you want to go. (The 12,000′ runway is a tip-off)

Bradley Int’l (BDL) is to the south, on the west side of the river. See all the big shiny AIRLINERS? No, not there either.

WestFIELD (or Barnes, BAF) is at the 10 O’Clock position of the triangle, north and west of the Connecticut River. All we have to watch here is if the Air Force boys and girls are getting their last kicks out of their A-10 Hogs. (They are switching to F-15’s this fall.)

I point this out because we constantly have folks lined up on Westover, talking to Westfield, and blundering into the path of Bradley’s airliners.

Next, if coming from the north, watch for Meat-Missiles (skydivers) over Northampton (7B2) just up the river. Bradley Approach should warn you.

When you get down, ask the Tower to direct you to the Beech Area. After they give you some guff about associating with me, they’ll take care of you.

See you there (let me know if you are planning on coming),


Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.