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Mouse Invasion of Cub Haven now underway

The annual Sentimental Journey to Cub Haven fly-in has started at Lock Haven, PA (KLHV), and the planned mouse invasion has begun!Your NorthEast Regional Director’s Sierra is tied down on the North ramp, just East of Hangar 1. (Note that this is on the pavement NORTH of runways 9/27. Fly-in parking and camping is in the grass on the SOUTH side of the field.) The BAC Banner is attached to the chain link fence just behind Son-of-a-Beech. The banner is our gathering spot! I’ll be there on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons (17, 18, and 20 June, 2009) at 12:30 PM, to meet any of our members who want to get together for lunch. Or, call me up on my cellphone (570 419-1229) when you get to Lock Haven.

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