I recently posted information on the BAC site about a notice I had received from Raytheon on a Beech surplus parts auction. Several of you expressed some interest in participating in such a venture. Some of us on the BAC Board have had some very general discussions on how BAC could help owners obtain critical and unavailable (or overly expensive) replacement parts for our planes.This is not something BAC as an organization has ventured into yet although some members have made efforts in this area. If an effort were to be made in this area it could well be done by a separate entity, other than BAC, although BAC could have an interest in this entity, i.e. a separate for profit (or more likely for loss) entity could be established.

It seems to me that any effort in this area should be directed toward parts that have wide application among the models, e.g. donuts, are not readily available from a supplier, such as Spruce or Wag-Aero, and are either unavailable or overpriced from Raytheon. Or an STC project such as wheel pants might be a suitable project.

I would be interested in learning who might be interested in participating in such a venture, either financially or as a contributor of knowledge and know how, and what your ideas are on how we might go about it.

Feel free to contact me publicly or privately at cloydvanhook@imtt.com.

Cloyd Van Hook

President, BAC

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.