Hello All

From Suix City Iowa.

Well I got out of Maine yesterday, I had to steal my friend Ann from the airport, to help me fly straight and safe through 3 hours of IFR (crappy weather).We ended up flying to Long Island, NY and then after some thunderstorms past we flew to Hagerstown, MD and spent the night.

We left Hagerstown on Friday morning and flew to Portsmouth, Ohio were I picked up Dan Kirby and put Ann on a flight home. I could never have gotten here without Ann’s help. I not sure as to yet what I owe her, but I am sure it is something big, I’m sure she will let me know when I get home.

We flew to Iowa City, Iowa and refueled and then flew onto Suix City, Iowa and will continue onto Rapid City, SD tomorrow for a Beech Aero Club fly-in.

Tomorrow afternoon we will head for Canada and spend the night in Edmonton, Alberta.

So the adventure continues. I will keep you all up to date as I find internet service along the way.

Brian Foote

Lost in Alaska

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