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New Beech Focused Maintenance in Vermont

Larry Perry is the Airport Manager at Harness State Airport and a long time
BAC volunteer as “Airboss of Vermont”. Tom Corcoran

Dear Fellow Baby Beech Owner,

Springfield Aviation is pleased to announce a new 5400 square foot aircraft maintenance facility at Hartness State Airport (“VSF”) in North Springfield, VT.

Simply put, our goal is to become the most user and owner-friendly aircraft maintenance shop in the northeast.

To introduce ourselves to the Beech Aero Club, for a limited time we are offering, to BAC members exclusively, a “While-U-Wait” oil and filter change for $89, or $178 for you Duchess owners. An appointment is necessary and this is a limited time offer, so call us today for more details.

We look forward to serving your aviation needs.

Larry Perry

Springfield Aviation, LLC
(802) 886-2647

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