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New Fuel Selector Valve Availability

I can get two new Fuel Selector Valves, as well as two complete conversion kits containing the Gerdes 169-380086-1 valve. But I’ll need to move fast, if anyone wants them. I can’t afford to buy them for stock.RAPID has two of these valves, priced at a ridiculous $4,880. Right now I can get two new-old-stock aluminum Gerdes fuel selector valves for about $1,000 plus a $250 core charge, plus shipping. I can provide two cores for $150 each, instead, to save you $100 on the core.

I can also get two of the complete conversion kits. In addition to a new valve, the kits contain the revised tubing, etc. needed to replace the old Imperial brass valve with the newer aluminum Gerdes valve. The extra parts are not really a requirement. Any decent A&P should be able to make the different tubing pieces, and to furnish the spacers and screws needed for the installation. The price on the complete kits is much higher; they will be about $2,400 each.

With this kind of capital involved, I can’t afford to buy these for stocking. Since they are still available in the market, I also can’t recommend to the BAC Board that we purchase them for safeguarding. Please email me at mike at rellihan dot com if you need one of these valves or kits. I expect the price at these two places to rise dramatically, once they discover the current RAPID list price on the valves.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.