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North East Fly-IN at Barnes – KBAF

OK, since Oz, the wizard that he is, has been doing such a good job of touting the Great Southeast Fly-In, honor demands that I do the same for the Wonderful Northeast Fly-In.

We are on track for May 21 at BAF (Barnes Field, Westfield MA). So far we have 10 A/C coming. (Well, 9. Unless I take off, circle the field and land to make 10.) All of us up here are holding our breath. The better to expel it all at once and blow all the infamous NE weather down the coast to Georgia!!

I will admit the attractiveness of the “land of Oz”. But if y’all are heading above the Mason Dixon Line, drop me a line. (Enticement: OUR mosquitos aren’t out yet!!!)

Steve Cote


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