We finally did it! We outfoxed the Weather Gods. (Of course they are going to clobber us tonight and tomorrow.) The “Up The IRS” Fly-In at Westfield, MA was a success. We had 5 A/C, 9 attendees, and 3 non-BAC guests.

I want to thank everyone who managed to get here for making this a good start to the year for Northeast Region. Now to set up a regular plan of events. Who wants to host the next one? It’s easy, we have a “Fly-In Kit”. It includes, well, me. But all that means is: just call me and I’ll help you put it together. Not hard at all. Look at me; I pulled this one off even though I forgot the potato salad!!

Thanks, friends, see you again soon,

Steve Cote


Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.