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I just installed a used Northstar M3 Approach GPS in my BE23, Akromouse. I wanted to keep the weight, cost and complexity down and this is the perfect unit to do it. The only thing it lacks is a moving map but I supplement it with a GPS Pilot III on the yoke.

M3’s are readily available, cheap, and are supported by both CMC Electronics and Jeppesen. I’ve never used a GPS that was easier to program and fly. It has only one switch on the mode panel to select NAV or GPS. It can actually do more than a Garmin 430. It will fly Victor airways, do automatic holding with a countdown timer and fly fully automatic approaches. If you’re looking for a full feature GPS and don’t want to sink a ton of money into it this is it.

You can chuck your DME and ADF with this unit and legally fly all the overlay approaches for them. Avionics just keep getting more expensive and complex so this is a great way to get back to the basics with a full featured box. It will interface with any NAV that doesn’t have an internal VOR/LOC converter. Mine runs a Narco ID-824 through a Mid Continent MD-41 or you can use the dedicated Mid Continent indicator with all the annunciators in it. This won’t break the bank and it will get the job done right.

Submitted by Mark Miller


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