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“One Six Right” Has Brothers And Sisters

For those of you who have not already got a copy of “One Six Right” (trust me, you need this DVD) Brian Terwilliger has been busy!”One Six Right” is a fantastic and loving documentary on the history of Van Nuys Airport, the businest GA field in the world. It is also a love song to all aviation and General Aviation in particular. The photography is stunning; the music is magnificently appropriate; and the interviews may bring tears (the 80+ y/o retired airline pilot who still uses his original teenage flying helmet in his biplane gets me).

Terwilliger has a companion film (One Six Left) and what he calls the “Aviation Epic” in production.

Here is the link to his site: http://www.terwilligerproductions.com/

His 10 minute movie of his ride with the Blue Angels can be downloaded there for free (if you have a high speed connection).

Steve Cote


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