The President’s Trophy standings have been updated and now include all planes that made it to BAC Fest. Some pilots have not turned in their routes and were given the direct miles from their home base to KBEC. PT rules award points for distance between all airports where a take-off or landing is made enroute to an event so some of these could be short changed (and probably are).Some interesting observations.

Twenty-two planes made it to BAC Fest. I think that’s a BAC record. Pilots flew over 12,000 nm (one way) to BAC Fest. Of the twenty-two planes that attended, twelve flew more than 500 nm to BAC Fest.

Last year at the end of the year there were fifty-four pilots that recorded PT points. That was for twenty-four events on the calendar. So far this year forty-five pilots have recorded PT points and we still have six events remaining on the calendar. If the Southwest Region fly-in at Napa attracts the anticipated sixteen planes we’ll break last year’s record. AND there are five other events on the calendar including Gaston’s which is usually a big draw.

Fly safe and enjoy your Mouse and the camaraderie of your fellow BAC members.

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