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Prince Edward Island Fly-in ..

Prince Edward Island Fly-in …Growing? If you are even 10% thinking you might go to the Prince Edward Island, Canada fly-in on June 24… please email Tom Corcoran at mediareps@aol.comThere are some big plans being made for PEI pilots that week that includes many Beech aircraft of all sizes and other (bigger) Beech clubs.

To be included, that may entail a change of our date to June 30 to get our group into many more Beech events. These include fly-out, BBQ, golf, tours, boats rides, steak and lobster dinners, seminars over 3 days.

No change will be made if June 24 works out better for BAC/MM guys. If you are flexible as to date, let Tom know that too.

Tom Corcoran


Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.