Hello Everyone. Santa brought me a new ProxAlert R5 for Christmas. The R5 Proximity Alerter is a passive device which detects transponder replies of aircraft flying in your vicinity and displays simultaneously altitude, estimated distance, code and vertical trend of up to three threats and it can monitor simultaneously up to 10 threat aircraft. It installs in just minutes by placing it on the glare shield with the provided hooks. I routed the power cable behind the glare shield and plugged it into the cigar lighter. This thing works great. While flying from Mojave to Apple Valley airport, the unit picked up all aircraft within a 5 mile radius of my location and I knew their altitude, code, trend and distance before approach even told me they were there. This is a poor mans TCAS but it does add to the safety of flight and works as advertised. I give it high marks for installation and user friendliness and its ability to correctly identify targets. You can see pictures of the installation in the photo gallery. Look for N6993R picture 010. Checkout their web site at http://www.proxalert.com/

Submitted by Jeff Bryant


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