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PT Points for BAC Fest

If you flew your plane to BAC Fest, I need you to send me your PT points. Even if you’re not in the running for the PT please send me the number of points you earned.Send me your route, listing airports where you took off and landed as well as the points you earned.

You get one PT point for each nm along the route between airports. No extra points for deviations or following victor airways. Just distance between airports enroute. I use airnav.com to figure distances in the US. Please use that.

Points are only awarded for distance TO the fly-in, not round trip.

If you went to First Flight you get points for that too, one way.

Send info by e-mail to cloydvanhook@imtt.com.

I’m putting in one mile as a place marker for everyone I know that flew. I will send the spreadsheet to Tim to post and will update as I get more info. If I missed you let me know.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.