If you flew in a GA aircraft to BAC Fest I need your PT points.These are calculated by the one way distance from where you started to where ever you ended up. (I think someone’s plane died enroute and he’ll get points for as far as he got.)

If two members flew in one plane the PIC gets the points. They can be split however you split PIC.

If a member flew with a non-member, the member gets the points, even if not PIC.

The distances to be used are the distances in nm between the airports you took off from or landed enroute. (No deviations for weather, victor airways, etc.) I use airnav.com to calculate the distance.

Please e-mail me your route, airports and PT points per your calculation.

Send to cloyd@beechaeroclub.org.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.