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Rellihan Holds Onto First Place in PT Race

Mike Rellihan has a strong hold on first place in the PT race for 2006 after logging 530 nm on the way to Gaston’s. Dean Sikes moved into second place.The PT race this year has been interesting. We’ve had twenty-six events so far and I just posted one more. So far 58 members have participated logging almost 30,000 nm miles flown one-way to the events.

We’re also starting to build some traditions. BAC Fest 2006 was the biggest event this year drawing twenty-two planes. Plans are well under way for BAC Fest 2007 and this will be an annual event. Falcon Field (FFC) drew eight planes in an annual event that predates BAC. I think this year was the fourth year. BAC to Gaston’s this past weekend was the third annual and is becoming a tradition. Eight planes made it to Gaston’s (or at least within 5 miles of it) tying it with FFC for the most participants. The Southwest Region had seven planes at Napa and that could become an annual event. Both Petit Jean (MPJ) and Mike Rellihan’s maintenance weekend at 34A drew six planes.

Surprisingly only five planes made it to Beech Party and only four to Sun-n-Fun (both of which count for PT points). This year no one reported making it to Oshkosh.

One more event on the calendar this year right now at 2L0. Then we’ll start looking forward to the holidays and the PT race for 2007.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.