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Rosen Visor Discount For BAC Members

Rosen has reduced their list prices by $30 for BAC members. Your member number appears in the upper right corner of the Home Page when you log on, so you can furnish it to discounting vendors. Vendors have the capability to validate membership names against the charge cards or checks used for discounted purchases. Here is a paste of the pricing spreadsheet, also available in Downloads. The Rosen website link follows, and is also in the Links section.Rosen Sunvisor Systems, LLC
NSA Systems (Sliding Arm)
Effective Date: April 2003
Prices good through December 31, 2004
Average Lead Time: 1 week

Aircraft STC Number Part Number Club Price Retail Price
Sundowner None RBB-300-3 $369.00 $399.59
Musketeer None RBBM-300-1 $369.00 $399.59
Duke SA3597NM RBB-300-2 $369.00 $399.59

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.