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Selector Valve And Fuel Cap O-ring Kits Available

Instructions have been posted on BAC for repair of both the fuel selector valve and the fuel filler caps. I have accumulated enough o-rings to provide a number of kits for both service operations. If there is enough interest, I’ll get more. All the o-rings are the correct certified Mil-spec rings. Some are in Parker Kraft packaging (as usual), while some are from a bulk order. All bulk rings will be shipped with a copy of the Certificate Of Conformity for each size, if requested. I won’t spend the money on the paper copies if they are not needed or requested. Ditto for the prints of the instructions, as I have provided them free for download from BAC (and home color prints are expensive).

Each kit will include the needed set of o-rings for the selector valve, plus lube; or for a pair of fuel filler caps, plus lube; or both. The lube will be heavy silicone o-ring grease. These are convenience kits sold as follow-up to the free instructions I have posted. If you wish you can probably locate the needed rings and lube on your own for the same (or even perhaps less) money. My price is $11 for the selector valve kit, and $11 for the filler cap kit; $20 for both if shipped together. This offer will also be made on MML, but at a slightly higher price ($12 and $12 or $22) since I have to make and send prints of the instructions. I’m not willing to publish the instructions on MML due to all the copyright infringement Bob Steward has experienced there.

You can contact me at mike@rellihan.com, or at 864-682-2181. Email preferred.

Michael Rellihan

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1793 Poole Town Road

Laurens, SC 29360

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.