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Sierra Weight And Balance Worksheet, With Graphics

Just wanted to let you know that I added my Sierra W&B Worksheet to the Downloads area. The program was set up for me by my good friend, Bill Lee. It has been sent to several individuals, who all seemed to like it a lot. If you try it, like it, and want to use it for your plane, you’ll need to edit the empty weights, moments, etc. as required for your airframe. The best (safest) way to do this will be to open the file as read-only, then do a “save as” using your N-number in the file name. The new copy will be editable, while the original download will remain unaltered (for reference, if needed).Once the worksheet matches your plane, you just update the variable fields for your planned flight. It graphically shows the envelope, and where your CG and weight fall within it (or out of it), for both takeoff and landing. It also makes it very easy to project the effect of changes, such as fuel load.

The sample numbers show my wife and I up front (400 pounds, mostly me!), a 270 pound anvil in the baggage area, strapped down on plywood (yes, I once had one), and 4.5 hours of fuel at 9 GPH (plus 30 minutes); 45 gallons. You won’t find many other planes in this class, with a similar loading capability. That big third door sure makes it easier to get large or heavy items in and out, too!

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.