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South Central Fly In at Gaston’s

The inaugural South Central fly-in at Gaston’s White River Resort in Lakeview, Arkansas was superb. A beautiful setting, perfect weather and grass strip experience highlighted the weekend. Cloyd Van Hook, Brad & Ann Mitchell and David Snodgrass arrived Friday afternoon and were joined for dinner by Ed & Hope Normandy.Saturday morning arrivals included Jay Bruce, David, Dusty & Brandy Buttram, Ken Schlote and Ray Seif, making a total attendance of twelve. Many thanks to Jay Bruce for organizing the event and to Ed Normandy for volunteering transportation from the nearby hard surfaced airport. True to our credo, “all for one and one for all”, the six planes that flew in decided to go for it and tackle the grass field. Other than being soft at the very end of the runway near the parking area, the field was in excellent shape after a week of rain.

Even though our ground loving aircraft didn’t get off in the 150 feet required by a Piper Cub that preceded our departure, the daunting, tree-topped hill off the end of the runway posed no problems. The wide river valley off to the right provided a nice departure route.

Pictures are posted in the Photo Gallery.

Tail numbers and owners:

N2393L – Cloyd Van Hook, Musketeer

N6083N – David Snodgrass, Musketeer

N5766V – Jay Bruce, Musketeer Watch Jay land!

N281G – Ray Seif, Sport

N132P – Dave Buttram, Sundowner Watch Dave land!

N6591A – Brad Mitchell, Sundowner

Thanks again to all those that helped make this a success.

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