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South Central Fly In – Temple, Texas

I would like to announce the date and location of the next South Central Fly-In. We will be meeting at Temple Texas on Saturday, Febuary 26, 2005. The event will be hosted by Rayford Brown. More information will be posted here by either myself or our host as it becomes available. We only have a rough schedule at this time, but more will be posted over the next few weeks. Currently, we are planning Discussion/Training on Pilot Tools, like Flight Following, Flight Planning, ATC, Civil Air Patrol, Ect. There may even be a guest speaker helping us with this part of the fly in. We are trying to get a maintenance clinic organized, and would like your suggestions of the topic of the maintenance. (I would suggest a paint job and volunteer my plane, but I don’t think it could be completed in a couple of hours). Breakfast and Lunch (Texas Style BBQ I’m sure) are on the schedule as well.

Hopefully, we will have a huge turnout the Texas area. I know Texas is central to the region, and we have quite a few members from Texas…

We have 5 weeks to get ready, please email me if you will be able (or interested) to attend within the next 2 or 3 weeks.

If you aren’t familar with the area, Temple is located about 1 hour south of Dallas, and you will need the San Antonio chart. You WILL actually need this chart, since Temple is located close to the Restricted Areas R6302A and P-49. More information will be posted before the event to aid in your arrival.

In the event of Rain or an unplanned visit by the President of the United States to Crawford… We will go to the rain date of March 5.

Jay Bruce

SC Regional Director, BAC

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.