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South West Maintenance Clinic – Fun in the Sun at Mojave

The SW Maintenance Clinic was great. The weather was fantastic and I need new wheel bearings.

Oh Well.. That’s why we always need a second set of eyes on things I guess. Anyway, Steve King brought some camera equipment and some friends to help shoot my bad bearings on film. Thanks Steve.I think we passed along some really good information and I had some fun in the sun at the same time.

I want to pay a special thanks to Jack Murphy. He is one of our best Mechanics at Flight Research and the National Test Pilot School and was a great help with the demonstrations.

For Cloyds Idea of a Presidents Trophy, I submit the following:

Steve King Flew from Van Nuys to Mojave and returned. KVNY

Marty Picio came from Watsonville and returned. KWVI

Greg Little Came from Riverside KRIV

Roger Mann from Riverside KRIV

Ron Bates from Fullerton KFUL

Ed Rogusz and I came from Mojave so we both taxied are aircraft for 5 hours up and down Runway 30 which is 10,000 feet long. Should count for something………

Everybody went on a walking tour of the Airport, Sorry I did not go along, I had to leave at 3:00 to get my kids. I hope you enjoyed Ed’s tour of Bae Systems QF-4 Facility. I hope you all enjoyed the tour of the National Test Pilot School as well.

I really had a good time and I hope you did as well. I look forward to doing this again next year. Anytime you want to come down to Mojave or just passing through, Let me know.

Jeff Bryant

South West Regional Director BAC

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.