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Subscribe to Discussion Forum Topics

Recently a few people have asked me about the ability to receive emails or notifications when topics in the Discussion Forums have been updated. Yes! This functionality has always existed, however you might not receive notifications based on the preferences you set when you joined.When you view your Discussion Forum Preferences there is a setting which reads ‘Always notify me of replies’. Set this to ‘Yes’ and click the ‘Submit’ button to save the changes. Now, whenever you participate in a topic in the Discussion Forums you will automatically be emailed when there is a response posted. The email will contain a link where you directly go to the topic and read the new posts.

You can also override this setting on a per-topic basis. Near the top right of each topic is a set of icons starting with an envelope, then a printer, and the third looks like an analog clock. If the clock has a white “face” then you will not be notified of replies to that topic. If the clock has an orange “face” then you will be emailed when there are replies to the topic. You can click on this button to toggle notifications on or off for that particular topic to override your global notification settings.

I recommend everyone who wishes to make sure their Discussion Forum Preferences are set to ‘Always notify me of replies’. This way you will be notified when someone has responded to a topic you have participated in.

Keep the posts coming! There have been great conversations taking place in the Discussion Forums recently!

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.