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Summer Membership Drive Begins

The board approved membership campaign has begun! Again the membership campaign will consist of three mail pieces going out to FAA registered owners of baby Beeches who are not BAC members. This time the first mailer is going to be…..a copy of the summer issue of BACTalk! The magazine will be delivered in a polybag along with a letter from club president, Chris Linderman, encouraging the recipient to join BAC.

The second and third mailers will be postcards, spaced out through the summer and early fall. They will again point out the club benefits and ask the recipients to join. The last post card will include an invitation to BACFest 2009 as well as seek their enrollment.

The FAA mailing list was purged of current BAC member, duplicates and other listings that were inappropriate. Having said that, some BAC members may receive the campaign piece along with their “normal” copy because purging BAC member names from the list got pretty confusing when names like William, James, Robert were cross-referenced to the Bill’s, Jim’s and Bob’s; so we apologize in advance if you get duplicate copies of the summer issue. If you do receive duplicates, use the extra to spread the word at your local FBO or somewhere it might do some recruiting work for us.

It might interest you to know that we sold some advertising space to help cover the additional cost of the magazines so the impact on the BAC treasury was minimized.

You should be receiving your summer issue very shortly. It is another excellent effort by Rick Koch! Enjoy!

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.