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Temple Texas – South Central Fly In Results

I want to post just a quick note about the Temple Texas Fly In. I think I can speak for all involved. We had a great time, we would have wished for better weather, but had an event that some of us will be talking about for years. I am going to write a detailed story and put it on the discussion forum; however, it will be tonight or tomorrow before I can do that. Rayford puts together an excellent program complete with bananna and pecan pancakes and guest speakers. So keep an eye on the web site and watch for a new discussion where I will try to name the musketeer attendees, guest speakers, describe our experience. Plus, I will have a few pictures to post in the photos section. This wasn’t just a trip, it was an adventure. If you drove to the fly in because of the weather, please email me as I was not able to meet everyone. I feel terrible about that, but I kinda had one eye on the ASOS until it became obvious that the weather was too bad.


I haven’t met Bo Boggs yet, but I can say one thing for sure about him… ‘Bo Knows Weather’. If I am ever wondering about making a trip somewhere, I think I’ll email Bo ahead of time and see what he thinks. He told me exactly what the weather would be like on Saturday, and I think he only missed it by minutes. So is he BAC member or fortune teller? Maybe I’ll get to meet him some day and find…

Jay Bruce

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