Come on down to historic Republic Field on Long Island for our Northeast Fly-In, this Saturday the 2nd.We will begin arriving around 0900 and stay as late as you need.

FRG is a busy place, so keep your head on a swivel and listen to the radio (lots of student traffic and large number of biz jets).

Upon arrival tell Tower you are heading for the Terminal and they will steer you. When you depart the Movement Areas, you will switch to “Operations” on 122.94 (look for the yellow signs at the end of the taxiway. Tell Ops that you are here for the Beech Fly-In and they will direct you to the ramp in front of the Terminal. Beech folks will direct you into parking spaces.

After our usual Ooing and Aaaing over each other’s planes, and a little business, we will have lunch at the restaurant next door. Lunch is on us! (And I am working on BAC picking up the $2.50 landing fee…nothing yet.)

For those wish, we can get you across the field to the Air History Museum (Quite a display but it may take a while to get through it. Have you considered staying over until Sunday? Not a bad idea.)

Some local landmarks:

“Report crossing the LIE” means the Long Island Expressway, that major road that runs the length of Long Island.

“Report the stacks” means the 4 red and white smoke stacks on the power plant on the shore northeast of the Deer Park VOR…can’t miss ’em when coming in from the Bridgeport or New Haven area.

As at any airport, if their directives are greek to you…ask them what they mean!

Come on and have a good time at Republic Field!

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.