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The Results of the 2007 PT Race are Final

and the winner is, Dan Jonas. Dan logged 6,095.3 nm flying TO BAC events (only one way distance earns points) so he had WAAAAAAAAY more miles than that. His total is more that twice that of the 2006 winner.

Dan had some interesting comments when I circulated the final results. He said . . . .Thanks. I have had a couple of milestones this year related to aviation.

I got my MEI early in the year and, as of last week, I have now graduated my first student through a successful first try practical test. An ATP in a Ceesna 414. Nice way to start and now I’m spoiled.

In 38 years of flying I have had two years over 200 hours. The first was the first full calendar year I was licensed and I beat it this year by eight tenths so far. I might get another hour or two before the end of the year. The side benefit of all that flying is that I really feel at the top of the game right now.

This year I have flown in 2 countries, landed in 16 states, and flown over parts of 9 more. That is a one year record for me.

I had the opportunity to spend over two weeks almost full time with Mark Weiss. While Mark doesn’t sound as foreign as some could, it was a cultural exchange which provided not only an educational experience but also many happy memories. Flying and the challenges to flying are different in Australia and I learned much, as I know he did being here.

Not only that, he knows a lot of shit about airplanes. My Duchess is in better condition than when he got here.

I met Mike and Paula Rellihan and visited 34A twice. Meeting Mike is a good thing, wherever you have the opportunity. Meeting him at 34A is the best.

Best part of all those PT miles? I met more aviation related friends this year than I have in the previous 38 combined. At least it seems so.

I have been nowhere in my BAC related flying where I would not want to return and it is all related to the people I met while on those adventures. They are generous people too. Chris and Lee Ann Linderman put me up for the night and fed me well. Dan Powers in Nebraska gave me a vehicle to use for a couple of days, fed me and his wife roped off and set up good seating at the local parade (I felt like a celebrity). Mike and Paula Rellihan gave us a car and shared their time while we visited twice within one week. In all the BAC related flying I did this year, I only rented a car twice and I was never in a taxi.

The interaction with BAC members has not just been related to PT miles.

I have logged miles this last year to spend time with Mike Samac for a couple of local fly-in lunches. We flew in and met at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos just a week ago. Bob Lewis in Woodland has helped me change my oil three times now (that saves me about $400 per

event) and I fly over once in awhile just to talk flying and have a sandwich.

A fellow pilot, not a BAC member, asked me earlier in the year why I was doing the PT point thing. He wanted to know what I was competing for.

The best answer I could give him at the time was “bragging rights”. I would give him a different answer today.

Cost to be in BAC? $50 per year. Value? Priceless.

Dan Jonas

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.