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Third Annual Falcon Field Fly-In; KFFC 03/11/2006!

KFFC ALERT! Presidential TFR in Atlanta this weekend. Check http://www.aopa.org/whatsnew/notams.html to make sure of status and location..

Tour Info Update from Doug Muse:

TRACON Tour – Friday, March 10th at 3pm – MUST HAVE name on list to tour

NWS Tour – Saturday, March 11th at 11am – can just show up and will walk over as group.Doug Muse has been working to set us up with another great BAC SE Fly-In to Falcon Field! Oz might be flying in that ancient Beech T-Bone, so he can give rides on his fuel dollar. Even though it has not been an advertised event weekend for Aircraft Spruce, they are again providing discounts, hot dogs, and drinks. Look at this list of fly-in features:

1) Tours of the ATL Tracon

2) Tours of the National Weather Service

3) Discounts and hot dogs/drinks at Aircraft Spruce

4) Discounts at Gardner Aviation – IFR Re-cert ($195); Instrument lens cleaning ($68 plus labor of $68) (make them look new again). Sunny Beech will be getting his new Sporty’s Electric AI installed on Friday; Gardner will offer discounted pricing on other work as well.

5) Atlanta Air Salvage is 30 miles away.

6) Gas discounts at KFFC FBO

The FBO has it on their calendar and is looking forward to a large crowd.

Make sure to call Gardner at 866-486-6061 ahead of time if you are planning work. It will help them schedule people. The more work you have done to your plane the bigger the labor discounts. Two years ago I had them clean the lenses on two of my instruments, during my IFR re-cert. The instruments did not need overhaul, but the faces looked hazy due to the film from years of use. Since the rest of the panel had new or overhauled instruments, the two hazy ones really looked tacky. Gardner’s was kind enough to clean them up for me without a full overhaul price. Sure made my panel look much better, at a relatively low cost.

I have Sunny Beech scheduled into the shop at Noon on Friday, for the IFR re-cert. I will probably also have them remove my Beech Turn Coordinator, and install my new Sporty’s electric AI in its place. Anyone need a working TC cheap, before I put it on eBay?! I think we’ll be meeting Cloyd and perhaps others for dinner Friday night, if anyone else is coming in the day before. I will have a rental car, so a few of us might run down to Griffin/6A2 to explore the old Freeman Aviation warehouses, and to visit Atlanta Air Salvage.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.