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Tim Flight, The BAC Website Guru

I would like to let our membership know that our BAC website is certainly in both gracious and capable hands. Paula and I have been visiting in the New Hampshire and Maine area (Northern NH and the Sugarloaf area of ME). We were fortunate enough to meet both Tim and his lovely girlfriend Meghan, two evenings in a row. Tonight they had us to their home, where they cooked fresh mussels and whole Maine lobsters for us… and boy, were they ever delicious!Anytime any of our members are in this area, I hope that they will make the time to say Hello to Tim and Meghan. While Paula and I will also welcome them (and any other members) to our homes in Florida and South Carolina, I also hope that any of our members will extend the same hospitality to Tim and Meghan, should you learn that they will be in your part of the country. And again, our sincere thanks to Tim and Meghan!

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.