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The inaugural Rodent Roundup (a BAC flyin to FTW, Fort Worth and T67, Hicks field), is planned for July 9th. Details are still pending, but the rough sketch is as follows: 1) Early arrivals will enjoy breakfast at a location near FTW.

2) We will tour the vintage air museum located at FTW.

3) Departures from FTW to T67 (Hicks) for early afternoon lunch, BAC roundtable discussion geared toward helping the owner separate fact from opinion when it comes to your maintenance, spot landing contest, awards, and departure for home.

Our hosts for the Rodent Roundup are BAC member Mark Miller, and John Zapp (www.aerovents.com). I will be posting details to the BAC web site, along with any arrival and departure considerations. Rodent Roundup will be celebrating BAC’s birthday, so if you can only attend one South Central flyin this year, make sure that Rodent Roundup is it. This event is technically for Saturday, but coordinate with me if you intend to arrive on Friday or depart on Sunday so that we can make sure you are not alone. Also, coordinate with me if you have thoughts or requests on how to make our scheduled events the best that they can be.

Jay Bruce

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.