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Who Are We?

All of you who(m?) have registered for BAC have seen that we ask quite a lot of questions about you. We don’t require and don’t always get answers to all of the questions. We haven’t done any statistical analysis of our membership. I usually glance at the data on new members after they register. I thought you might be interested, but certainly won’t be surprised, at what a “typical” BAC member looks like.We’re mostly male. I can only recall seeing two female members and one has her Sport up for sale in the classifieds. She’s moving up? to a Cirrus. Maybe there’s something us (we?) guys need to figure out.

We’re most old farts. Most of us are over 50, probably better than 90%, maybe more than 95%. We have a few 70 and 80 year olds amongst us. Tim Flight is almost the baby at 27 but I think we have at least one member younger than Tim.

Most of us own our planes. Probably better than 99%. Early on we did a poll. At that time almost 30% had had their plane less than a year. Over 40% had owned it less than two years and almost three fourths had owned their plane less than five years. Lately we’ve been signing up members that have owned their planes much longer. I think we have one member that has owned his Mouse thirty years or more.

Sierra drivers tend to keep their planes a long time. Maybe that’s because they’ve upgraded to where they want to be and are happy. Some of us are still longing to upgrade.

Many members have most of their hours in BAC aircraft. It appears many bought their Mouse before they even finished their private license and have stayed with it.

Any finally many of us, including me, have had their license a long time but have relatively few hours. I suspect many got started in flying, had their flying interrupted by family and career demands and only got back into aviation later in life. And then there are a few with over 10,000 hours who obviously have made a career of aviation.

Thought you might be interested.


Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.