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Wiscasset Maine Fly-In Cancelled

Brian and I are, sadly, cancelling the Maine Fly In scheduled for Saturday the 15th.

In addition to the entire southern coast of Maine about to be fogged, rained, and whatever’d (what else?) we have received almost no interest in the event. The only one who contacted us was sending his regrets because he simply could not make it.

Because of the lack of interest, we are also cancelling the “rain date”, which would have been Sunday.

We are not beating on anyone so, please, do not take this next statement as punitive. Unless someone else puts one together, there will be no October Northeast Fly-In. I will be away most of the month (BAC Fest, AOPA Expo, and work related courses). If anyone wishes to call a gathering, be my guest, I will help, to the best I can find the time. Any ideas for November??


Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.