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Yes, Virginia, there ARE wheel Pants!

Wow! Talk about being in the Right Place at the Right Time! Visiting the Grandkids in Newburg, I found out that Mr. Fitts was selling the ONLY set of Musketeer Wheelpants in the Known Universe, so “SHE who must be obeyed” and I drove down to the FITTS Private airport and GOTTUM!Hi all –

Hauled my little bride and my Ford Escape on down to Mr. Fitts and BEGGED him to sell me those wheelpants from the eBay Auction. FUNNY what a C-Note and everything else in my wallet will do!

The beautiful 2-piece pants (Left/Right/and Nose Wheel) are in my car as we speak!

Bob Lewis wrote:

I was excited to hear some of the drawings are actually Beechcraft.

Yah, what I got were copies of the pix of the gear legs from the Parts manual with a line drawn in with “Attaches to brake” – so NOT REALLY factory drawings!

BUT there were several Polaroid pix showing some prototype pants (not the near-production ones I have) attached to a Musketeer and showing the backing plate (but NOT for the nose gear) tell a much better story.

SO – at least we have a start!

Your Technical Champion Mike Rellihan and the Board will decide what direction to go with these and how to get them duplicated and out to all you’all….

Guys and Gals – you’ve asked for these things for all the time I’ve been on the Musketeer Mail and NOW THEY are real!

I’ll scan in the Polaroid Pix ASAI get home!

Hey that Musketeer with the prototype pants SURE LOOKS FAMILIAR – who’s got a plane white under with red above and gold stripes? I KNOW I’ve seen this plane before!


Mr. Fitts was a aircraft painter well known in the region and has painted several Musketeers – I was planning on him doing my Sport! His stripes were always smooth – you couldn’t feel the edges! My hanger mate has a Bonanza you would drool over!

When I dropped by his place today, he showed me his VERY MODIFIED Piper Pacer with a 20″ extension and a 260HP IO-52O in DAYGLOW Orange.

Well, all for now!

Bill Howard


NorthWest Regional Director (with wheel pants!!!!! HA!)

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.