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Presidents’ Trophy Rules for 2012 (changed from 2011)

There will be two President’s Trophy Awards. The awards will be presented annually at BACFest. One trophy will go to the BAC member that accumulated the most Presidents’ Trophy (PT) points during the previous calendar year and the other trophy will go to the member that attends the most official BAC fly-ins.The attached pdf file has the rules for 2012 and they do differ from 2011.The major change is that there will be some additional recognition for those who make the effort to attend BAC Events, even if they come by means other than Beech Aero Club aircraft.Times are tougher and sometimes putting in $5 or more per gallon gas to do a fly-in feels a bit unrealistic if the distances favor another method of transportation.The last few years we have rewarded those who attended a BAC Event by transportation other than owned aircraft with 100 points. That was the case even if they flew commercially or drove 1000 miles to the event.This year (2012) those arriving by other means will receive the larger of 100 points or 25% of the actual mileage. The incentive is still on flying a club aircraft to the event and those who do will reap full benefits. Those who decide to get involved, even if it means leaving the aircraft at home will be better rewarded than in the recent past. There are other minor tweaks as well, but most of the PT Point rules are familiar.Fly Safely and let the race begin!!!

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