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President’s Trophy Rules for 2014

Beech Aero Club 2014 PT Point Rules

There will be two President’s Trophy Awards. One trophy will go to the BAC member that accumulated the most President’s Trophy (PT) points during the previous PT Points year and the other trophy will go to the member that attends the most official BAC fly-ins. The President’s Trophies will now be awarded so as to encourage the most participation by the members of the Beech Aero Club. The awards will be presented annually at BACFest for the winners from the prior year.

Mileage award and winner eligibility:PT points will be awarded only to BAC members in good standing that attend a PT event and properly report their miles.
Mileage will be calculated in member-miles traveled.
PT events shall be Sun-n-Fun, Oshkosh and BACFest plus any BAC event that meets the following criteria:
1. The event must be sponsored by a BAC member.
2. The event must be posted on the BAC calendar or BAC forum a minimum of 5 days prior to the event.
3. The event sponsor or Regional Director must compile the PT points and attendance and report them to the president or the BAC forum item where the fly in was posted.
4. A BAC member may sponsor an event in conjunction with an event sponsored by another organization but the above criteria must be met.
5. Only a Member in good standing is eligible to earn PT Points and receive PT Trophy awards at the time of the awards ceremony.
6. To align the PT Points closer to the BAC anniversary, July 4, points for the 2014 year will run from 1/1/2014 to 6/30/2014. This will make 2014 a shortened year and will also make the PT Points year and awarding the points at BACFEST separated by only 3 months instead of 9 months.
7. Following the 2014 PT year, PT Points will be calculated from 7/1 of one year to 6/30 of the following year.
8. The PT trophies will be awarded at BACFest annually.

PT points will be awarded based on the following criteria:1. Attending BAC members who fly or ride in a private aircraft of any make will receive one point for each nautical mile flown directly from their home base to the event location, one-way. No waypoints, side trips or other stops may be added to the route. Members traveling less than 100 nm to the event will receive a minimum of 100 points. Example: 4 Members in good standing travelling together in a single private aircraft for 250 NM, will each receive 250 points.2. Attending BAC members who do not fly in a private aircraft but reach a qualifying event by any other mode of transportation (walking, driving, taking a bus, train, taxi, or commercial flight, etc.) will receive the greater of ¼ point for each direct distance mile from their home airport to the event or 100 points.
3. PT Points may be awarded for “split trips” with mileage awarded consistent with the portion flown in a private aircraft or other mode of transportation. Example: Member flies part way due to weather and drives the balance of the distance.The PT Point mileage total for a split trip will not exceed the straight line distance from the home airport to the Event.4. In the event that a BAC Event is attended by a single member the following will apply:
4.1. Events attended only by the host will receive hosting points only (no mileage points).
4.2. Events attended by a single member who is not the host will receive PT Points consistent with the above criteria (mileage)

Bonus PT points will be awarded based on the following criteria:1. Organizing/Hosting a qualifying event will earn the host 100 bonus PT points.
2. Qualifying events are not required to occur at the organizer/host’s home field.
3. The organizer/host will receive the bonus points if he/she is unable to attend the event as long as at least one member attends.

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