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Beech Aero Club Membership – Single Payment

Beech Aero Club Membership – Single Payment

Join or renew for one of the best values for your aircraft and flying experience.  For only $50 a year you get a host of benefits including technical information, discounts and most importantly the support of your fellow members and owners.  See the Membership Benefits Page for a more complete list of benefits.

If you have an existing Subscription with Auto-Renew selecting this option will not cancel your auto-renewal.  If switching from Single Payment to Auto-Renew we recommend that you cancel your auto-renewal first (via PayPal or through the Membership tab on your Profile) and then return here to make a single payment.

Note that although we use PayPal for payment you do not have to have a PayPal account. If you have a credit or debit card you can also pay directly.  To pay without a PayPal account select Paypal.  When you get to PayPal click the “Don’t have a PayPal Account” link.  After payment you should be returned to the site.

You can also pay offline by sending payment in US funds via the mail/post to:

Southern Bank for Beech Aero Club
3000 W Republic Road
Springfield, MO 65807

Obviously there will be some delay in delivery and processing of offline/manual payments – typically about a week but sometimes a bit longer depending on timing. Please put a note on your check with your username, member ID or email to help us identify the user account.

Site Access and Activation

For payment via PayPal or Stripe member access will be activated (or extended) immediately in most cases.  A very small number of payments (usually e-check payments for infrequent PayPal users), may be delayed by PayPal for a few short days to confirm clearance of payment.

Note that due to limitations in the way the forum integration works, updated access to the forums as a full member may lag by up to an hour after payment is applied.

Additional details on Online Payments

Online payments via PayPal will generally post immediately if funded by a credit card or an available PayPal balance. Due to the new consumer banking regulations payments funded via a bank transfer may be delayed until the transfer is completed – typically 2-5 business days. If you have an established PayPal account that has been used recently PayPal will usually not delay processing the payment. This delay is entirely at the discretion of PayPal and outside our control.  We can only post the payment when we receive notification from PayPal. We thank you for your patience.  If you have urgent need for access please use one of the options on the contact page Contact Us Page to contact us and we can provide temporary access pending payment.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.