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    Mike Rellihan Update

    Mike is now bedridden and resting as comfortably as possible. Paula and I would like to thank everyone for the concern and prayers. We try to rest and sleep when we can and are very appreciative that everyone has been respecting Paula and Mike's privacy.

    Mike was a mentor and friend to many but now he is unable to recognize anyone.

    Please try to do as he would do, your very best always.

    I will try to update from time to time. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

    Jamie Rellihan
    Mike's brother
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    1. stevem's Avatar
      stevem -
      Thanks Jamie, our thoughts and prayers are with Mike, Paula and you, please keep us posted.
    1. sjcote's Avatar
      sjcote -
      Thank you, Jamie,
      And give Paula our love.
      But please save some space for yourself. I am a brother too; and it can eat you up.
      Steve and Denni Cote
    1. Whitebearaero's Avatar
      Whitebearaero -
      Thank you Jamie for the update. Jeanne, her parents, my dad and my prayers are with Mike, Paula, you and the rest of your family. We stand ready to assist when ever you need us.

      May God bless Mike, and all of your family during this trying time.

      Monty, Jeanne, Shandy and the extended Spencer and Bures families.
    1. Ngeddie's Avatar
      Ngeddie -
      God Bless you, Paula, Mike and Skye too.

      Mike's love for our airplanes translated into love for the owners and a desire to make them happy and more importantly safe.

      Thank him again for us all.

    1. ThomSmith's Avatar
      ThomSmith -
      Words seem so insignificant right now, but they are all we have to try to express our deepest sympathies. Mike has been a "once in a lifetime" sort of guy most of us never get to meet. He will be missed by each one of us.

      I just hate this, this evil we must go through eventually.

      I, just this week lost my Dad, and a brother is on his way out soon, so I echo Steve Cote's sentiments to try not to be overly consumed. Believe me, you (all) have an army sharing your grief.

      Sickness and death is an enemy. One that WILL be done away with someday.

      Our Prayers and thoughts are with you all.

      Thom Smith
    1. airplanenut1966's Avatar
      airplanenut1966 -
      Jamie, Please know that although I never met Mike or the rest of his family, I am deeply saddened by this turn of events. I will say prayers for Mike and his family for the strength that will be required in the coming days and weeks. Jamie please hug Mike and let him know we are wtih him in spirit on his journey.
      Wes Van Mierlo
    1. CalifDan's Avatar
      CalifDan -

      Thanks for keeping all of Mike's BAC friends posted. I am happy that you are there to support Mike and Paula. They are very special people and Adrianne and I are fortunate for knowing them.

      I first talked with Mike a number of years ago when we did the first Wine Country Fly-in. Mike could not be here, but I wanted to provide something special for the West Coast BAC members. What could be more special than an opportunity to talk with Mike Rellihan?

      I think that Mike was a little shy about being the star of a conference call, but he graciously agreed to do it while letting me know that 30 minutes was all he could give. Well, 30 minutes turned into well over an hour and I think it was the hit of the fly-in for our members.

      He would get asked a question and in providing the answer would also provide the history surrounding the issue. He was clearly in his element. I developed a picture of him from his voice that day which proved to be completely wrong when I finally met him.

      I have appreciated his effort to make that fly-in more special as I have enjoyed every minute that I have spent with Mike or Paula subsequent to that first "meeting". Their hospitality is truly southern and a good example for all of us.

      Dan Jonas & Adrianne Jaski
    1. RandyBEC's Avatar
      RandyBEC -

      I am honored to have been able to see Mike for one last time as I was leaving KLUX from my annual last week. This is hard as I lost my dad last fall to the same "stuff". Keep the faith, be strong and take good care of Paula and Skye. Tell Mike we BACer's love him and what he stands for. May God Bless the Rellihan Family.

      R Martin
    1. davidlud's Avatar
      davidlud -
      I simply don't know what the BAC will do without him. It is indeed a sad day.

      David Ludwikowski
      Sundowner 47J
    1. BobLewis's Avatar
      BobLewis -
      BAC is my family. When one suffers we all suffer. Thanks for the updates on our brother. -Bob
    1. ibworkin's Avatar
      ibworkin -
      I have been missing him alot at the Hangar. But as he told me the last time I got to see him and talk to him. Let the legacy we created live on. And that my friend I will always do to keep it going for him and BAC club. No corners cut and always trying to come up with different ways to keep these birds in the air.. Love you Mike.

      Thanks Jamie for all you have done while you have been here. Don't forget we are here for you all if you need us and only 15 minutes away to get it done.
    1. simik's Avatar
      simik -

      I was planning a trip to klux, it's still on the go or at least stand by.
    1. Smithy's Avatar
      Smithy -
      Clear skies and smooth air await our brother who shares our love for the mystery of flight. His loss will create a massive void, yet the legacy he helped begin will continue to grow. It is up to us as enthusiasts for the great line of Baby Beeches to bridge that void with all the passion Mike himself holds for the marque.
      I'm already missing his quick replies to obscure problems we seem to find with our aeroplanes, and his encyclopedic knowledge of just what size bolt goes where, and more importantly who stocked it if he didn't! Oh and his slightly annoyed posts pointing to previous answers in the search section.
      These are sad times, especially for his immediate family. My heart goes out to them as they deal with such pain. I hope you can find some solace in that his dedication to aviation reached the far corners of the planet, leading Mouse enthusiasts here in Australia to feel a great sense of sadness at his condition.
      Warm regards
      Mark Smith.
      Melbourne, Australia.
    1. DavidP's Avatar
      DavidP -
      +1 from Australia for Smithy's comments

      David Porrett
      Melbourne, Australia
    1. CliffConrad's Avatar
      CliffConrad -
      I have only e-mailed and spoken with Mike over the last three years and only briefly spoken with Paula about them and the winters here in Northern Alberta. Regretfully, I've never had the pleasure of meeting them. It's already been said, but they truly are simply the best. Thank you Mike for your steadfast support of us and our aircraft. Your commitment to airworthiness will always be a beacon for all of us to look up to. Thank you Paula for giving up so much time with Mike to allow him his passion for all things aircraft and for your support of the Beech Aero Club and members. Thank you Jamie for being a wonderful brother and brother-in-law to Mike and Paula. You are all in our prayers here in Canada.

      Cliff and Bernadette Conrad
      76 Sundowner C-GTGS
      Cold Lake, Alberta
    1. UMS's Avatar
      UMS -

      I am saddened to hear that Mike has passed-away.

      My condolences to you, Paula, your family and to Mike's friends.

      Mike touched so many people with his good nature and all the assistance he freely offered; we will miss Mike down here in Oz.

      Ralph Holland
      Canberra, Australia
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