• Michael G. Rellihan

    I'm saddened to have to report to all that Mike Rellihan passed away this morning around 2:40 am eastern time. His suffering is over after fighting cancer for 7 years to the week since first being diagnosed.
    Paula wanted me to thank everyone for your support during this painful process and I thank you as well. He lived to help his fellow aviators, it made him very happy.

    Sincerely, Jamie Rellihan (Mike's brother)
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    1. Smithy's Avatar
      Smithy -
      He is at peace. No more glitches, parts shortages or corrosion due to scat tube! Just clear skies. I am so sorry for your loss.
      He will be missed.
    1. markweiss's Avatar
      markweiss -
      Words cannot express the loss you must be feeling. I thank you for your kind efforts and I thank you for being there for Paula. I know Mike would have felt more secure with you there.

      A friend is gone, but will not be forgotten.
    1. VanGray's Avatar
      VanGray -
      If the world were full of individuals like Mike Rellihan, my, what a better place it would be. He gave of his time, his knowledge, intellect, courage, and love for others in a most unselfish, gracious and caring fashion.

      By my measure, he was a great man, and it was a pleasure and a blessing to have been associated, in even a small way, with Mike. My thoughts and prayers for comfort are with Paula and Mike's entire family.
    1. corcoran's Avatar
      corcoran -
      Mike stayed at our house on Prince Edward Island over several days. We got to know him outside our website friendship. We enjoyed his knowledge, humor, seriousness and generosity. I hope that wherever he is now he will finally know that I am about to upgrade my "damned dial-up internet" that he hated so much and always joked about.

      "Thanks for flying with me Mike, and demonstrating how to skillfully land my own plane. You'll be missed".

      Tom and Margie Corcoran
      Braintree MA and PEI, Canada
    1. ibworkin's Avatar
      ibworkin -
      I am not happy that he is gone. But I am happy he is at peace and at the right hand of our father to look over us. Godbless you mike. I and others will truly miss you. But don't worry I know you will be watching over all of us.
    1. paulwerbin's Avatar
      paulwerbin -
      A great human being and a friend to all of us. I know that he is missed and leaves behind a world that he made better by his being there.
    1. Clinderman's Avatar
      Clinderman -
      Though we knew it was inevitable, this is truly a sad day. Mike was a friend to all of us, even if some never had the chance to meet him and shake his hand. His support for our club, planes and members will not be equaled. A titan has left us....he will be missed.

      LeeAnne & Chris Linderman
    1. bpalamara's Avatar
      bpalamara -
      Mike was a very thoughtful and humble man. All who had the opportunity to visit KLUX and share a meal and a laugh with Mike, Paula, and the crew will have fond memories of that experience. Our club will enjoy the fruits of Mike's labor and the sharing of his knowledge for many years to come. I am verry sorry to hear that you have passed but glad that your personal discomfort is gone.
    1. BoBoggs's Avatar
      BoBoggs -
      Godspeed, Mike. This world will seem emptier for a long time without your kindness and generousity. What you freely gave to others is being returned in the outpouring of good wishes and tears of those who knew you and those who only knew of you.

      Bo & Sandra
    1. CliffConrad's Avatar
      CliffConrad -
      The world has lost a bright and shining star but we were all blessed to have been touched by the life Mike led. Blue skies and tailwinds my friend...

      Cliff & Bernadette
      Cold Lake, Alberta
    1. RandyBEC's Avatar
      RandyBEC -
      A truly Genuine Human Being. Mike Rellihan, the kind of person we all probably strive to be and want to be remembered as. WOW!!! precious memories, but extremely thankful that I had the privilege to meet and hang out with Mike as much as I did. He will always have a special place with me. Paula, Jamie and the Rellihan family; my heart and soul pray for you as my family just endured this same home going a few months ago. Keep strong and let your family and friends help you in any way they can. As you know, everyone wants to help just like Mike did. Peace Be With You All. GOD BLESS.
    1. ricklhamilton's Avatar
      ricklhamilton -
      Rest in peace Mike! - Being in KLUX this June is just not going to be the same...You will be deeply missed by all.
    1. mgooderum's Avatar
      mgooderum -
      Mike, I just can't even begin to come up with the words to say how much emptier this club and the world is without your presence, a bit gruff, but ever so helpful as it may be. So I'll just say it's damn unfair you didn't get to stay a little longer, but you're done with silly questions and nagging emails, so best of luck on whatever is next. Candy always knew you were a softy at heart even if you usually fooled the rest of us.

      Paula - I can't even begin to imagine your loss, I'm so truely very sorry and I wish you the best in getting through all the bits big and small that are to come.

      God speed and safe travels Mike.
      Mark and Candy
    1. sjcote's Avatar
      sjcote -
      Michael, how could just a few years of knowing you feel like a lifetime to lose? Farewell, Friend.

      I hope there's a place, way up in the sky,
      Where Pilots can go, when they have to die.
      A place where a guy could buy a cold beer
      For a friend and comrade whose memory is dear.
      A place where no doctor or lawyer could tread,
      Nor a management type would e're be caught dead!
      Just a quaint little place; kind of dark, full of smoke,
      Where they like to sing loud, and love a good joke.
      The kind of place, where a lady could go
      And feel safe and protected by the men she would know.
      There must be a place where old pilots go
      When their wings get too weary, and their airspeed gets low.
      Where the whiskey is old and the women are young.
      And songs about flying and dying are sung,
      Where you'd see all the fellows who'd flown west before,
      And they'd call out your name, as you came thru the door,
      Who would buy you a drink, if your thirst should be bad
      And relate to the others, "He was quite a good lad!"
      And then thru the mist you'd spot an old guy
      You had not seen in years, though he'd taught you to fly.
      He'd nod his old head and grin ear to ear,
      And say, "Welcome, my son, I'm pleased that you're here!"
      For this is the place where true flyers come
      When the battles are over and the wars have been won.
      They've come here at last to be safe and afar
      From the government clerk and the management czar,
      Politicians and lawyers, the feds and the noise,
      Where all hours are happy, and these good old boys
      Can relax with a cool one, and well-deserved rest!
      This is Heaven, my son, you've passed your last test!"
      Captain Michael Larkin, TWA (Retired)
    1. gribbled's Avatar
      gribbled -
      I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend a weekend with Mike doing my first Skipper annual. He was a talented A&P, but more importantly an excellent teacher. By de-mystifying maintenance Mike made airplane ownership possible for me, and I suspect for others as well. The Baby Beech world has lost a tremendous source of information, knowledge, skill, and passion. I hope someone evolves to fill that gap.

      I know that Paula and Skye are suffering now, and I can't offer anything to help you two other than God is in control and He will help you through this terrible time. You are both in our prayers.
    1. Unclerap's Avatar
      Unclerap -
      We've all lost a great friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with Paula and the rest of the Rellihan family.
    1. MIKEDE's Avatar
      MIKEDE -
      God Bless Mike Rellihan.........
    1. barrybgood's Avatar
      barrybgood -
      I am sorry that Mike did not live long enough for me to learn enough to repay in some sort of small way for all his help! Lost my Dad last year to cancer...it is hard to watch. Mike is at peace.
    1. bmitchell's Avatar
      bmitchell -
      Mike has forever left his impression on Beech Aero Club and aviation as a whole. BAC would not be what it is today without the tireless efforts Mike afforded all of us. In Mike's memory, we should re-dedicate ourselves to the continued success and camaraderie of BAC and aviation.
    1. FASTFRED's Avatar
      FASTFRED -
      I am so sorry to hear of Mike's passing, but maybe now he can get some well deserved rest. I know we will all miss him.
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