• Fly-in to Galveston on Memorial Day

    I just posted a fly-in to Galveston (KGLS) to tour the Lone Star Flight Museum on the field and grab lunch somewhere nearby on Memorial Day.

    Anyone else interested?

    I did this without getting a pass first but my wife has to work on Memorial Day so maybe I will just fly below radar.

    FYI, here is a link to other Texas events: http://www.lsfm.org/
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    1. Clinderman's Avatar
      Clinderman -
      Geez, Cloyd, that's over 200 miles are you sure you want to do that?
    1. vanhook's Avatar
      vanhook -
      **** ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. bmitchell's Avatar
      bmitchell -
      He won't need his GPS. He can follow the oil slick along the coastline!
    1. CBaumann's Avatar
      CBaumann -
      I have to work myself on Memorial Day so can't make it. Great idea though and hope to make the next one. Brenham, Lockhart, and LLano stick out as lunch destinations. Are there other favorites in the area?
      Charlie Baumann
      Sport N6578R MB-729
      Zuehl Field, (San Antonio)Texas
    1. vanhook's Avatar
      vanhook -
      Thanks for the lunch suggestions.

      The only suggestion I got out of the folks at the museum was the restaurant at Moody Gardens.

      Are any of the places you suggested within walking distance of GLS?
    1. CBaumann's Avatar
      CBaumann -
      No, not at all. They are different airports in south central TX, ao are for another time. Brehnam has a nice place right on the runway, the other two have crew cars to local BBQ which is very yummy.
    1. BoBoggs's Avatar
      BoBoggs -
      C'mon, South Central members.

      We can't attend as Sandra is out of town and due back Monday PM. What's your reasons?

      Let's see some attendance out there!

    1. vanhook's Avatar
      vanhook -
      I'm not going to brave the coastal thunderboomers tomorrow.

      I'm not canelling the event since it looks to be OK from the north or west.

      If anyone goes let me know so I can turn in PT points for you.
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