• Magneto ER, Owned by the father of BAC member Jay Bruce

    Originally posted by BAC member Craig Tankersly. Magneto ER Inc. 2505 South Main St. Searcy, AR 72143 Phone: 501-268-9950

    Text follows: Hello all Mike has been helping me as usual through a month or so of "one thing after another" and now I just figured out I have a bad mag wire on the left. He suggested getting a new harness but was out of town and couldn't look up the recommended part number. Tried to get on Spruce and figure it out but got lost (again).

    Last month I had some mag work done by Magneto ER and figured I give 'em a call for help. He not only made suggestion on what harness to buy but then proceeded to look up the part number and then took the time to explain the best way to get it apart and back on. He also referred me to Aircraft Parts International as Spruce was on a 30-60 day wait. They get two thumbs up from me. Craig Tankersley

    Submitted by Mike Rellihan & Craig Tankersley

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