• Bill Manhein Honored at BACFest 2010

    Bill Manhein @ Wichita BAC
    Your BAC board of directors decided to pay tribute to the irreplaceable Mike Rellihan by developing a special member award called the Mike Rellihan Distinguished Service Award. The award is intended to recognize BAC members who have followed Mike's leadership and commitment. This prestigious award goes to the member who best epitomizes the ongoing support, work and contribution that made Mike such an invaluable asset to our great organization.

    The award encompasses more than the service and mechanical aspects that Mike is renowned for. Rather it is designed to acknowledge a member's contribution be it in the service arena, the flying aspects of our planes, the parts issues associated or any other characteristic of the club. It is an all-rounder award for long-term, ongoing effort and contribution.

    The very first winner of the Mike Rellihan Distinguished Service Award goes to Louisiana member, Bill Manhein. The award was presented to Bill at a long-distance ceremony during BACFest 2010 in San Antonio. Bill was unable to attend BACFest this year but due to the wonders of technology, Bill was able to connect with the people at the event and address the group as the award was presented to him by Paula Rellihan and the entire BAC award committee.

    Bill has worked for years behind the scenes of BAC. Bill spent countless hours (if not days) redoing, enhancing and organizing dozens and dozens of documents and drawings that we can all see and read by simply clicking on the "Download" button on the BAC website. While it is easy to say and take advantage of now, Bill did a yeoman's job making these documents available to the club members.

    In addition, Bill has worked with many BAC members in their search for parts for their planes. Specializing in the Sierras, Bill has even purchased salvaged planes and sold the parts to members at considerably discounted prices saving members time and money!

    Plus, Bill has played an integral role in the shoulder harness STC project by providing a space for the fuselage the club purchased for testing. He helped prep the fuselage and provided support through the maze of FAA bureaucracy.

    And, in an ongoing effort, Bill monitors the BAC membership data base ensuring that the aircraft information is accurate and current. This administrative task serves the club by providing complete and correct data when we need help with projects....like the shoulder harness STC and the turbo-normalized Sierra effort.

    This is the kind of ongoing, thankless effort that Bill gives to BAC. He is a gentleman, a "do-er" and a real asset to BAC! Congratulations, Bill, for a well deserved piece of recognition!
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    1. Whitebearaero's Avatar
      Whitebearaero -
      Congrats Bill...Thank you very much for your support and dedication to the club. Between you and Mike, I know all of us would not have what we have today, and some would not be flying our beloved Mice.

      Congratulations to a gentleman and a scholar...

      Monty Spencer
      White Bear Aeronautical
    1. jkrane's Avatar
      jkrane -
      Thanks Bill and congrats! I have seen a gazillion maintenance documents with your helpful callouts pointing to important items. When my plane was in trouble you stepped up to the plate and orchestrated the safe arrival of a stabilator from the BAC salvage plane in Louisiana out to Oregon. My plane is in the air thanks to your and Marty's help!
    1. musesierra's Avatar
      musesierra -
      My plane also has parts from Bill's salvage plane. It is just amazing we have members who care so much for keeping these birds flying that they buy planes and parts for stock. Bill has done and continues to do an incredible service to the club and I thank you! Congrats old friend! Doug
    1. wdnd5960's Avatar
      wdnd5960 -
      Congratulations!!! Bill.

      I missed you at BACFest this year. I did not miss your award presentation nor the gouge in the ribs that you gave me in the middle of it. Ha, Ha. At least Cloyd is still showing up and going to dinner with me. Thank you for all that you have done for all of us. We are forever in your debt.

      I joined BAC to gain access to all those SBs, SIs & downloads that you have lovingly restored to their historic glory. Thanks to you, I now have a beautiful hard copy set of those for the maintenance record of my aircraft.

      It has almost been a year, so I will be giving you a call soon to give you a gouge in the ribs.

      Your friend,

      Bill Sciscoe
    1. CandyGooderum's Avatar
      CandyGooderum -
      Simply the best.....................Congratulations, Bill! I missed seeing you and giving you a hug. Might have to make a trip to see you very soon! You are truly "one of a kind!"

      Take care,
    1. paulwerbin's Avatar
      paulwerbin -
      The real winners here are the rest of us for having Bill as a member.
    1. greenheadcpa's Avatar
      greenheadcpa -
      Congratulations, Bill, on this well deserved recognition for your service to the club. And while I'm at it, how appropriate that the club leadership has created this award to honor and remember a man that meant so much to the club for his tireless efforts at educating us on the Musketeer aircraft line and for his efforts to keep these great legacy aircraft flying well into the future.
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