• BACFest 2011..FINALLY in the Northeast!

    The Iroquois and Mohawk peoples tell of when the Great Spirit reached down and ran his fingers through the land that pleased him most. Those great gouges filled with clear water and became The Finger Lakes. If upstate New York was good enough for the Great Spirit, it should do wonderfully for BAC!

    BACFest 2011 will be held in Ithaca, NY on Sept 29th - Oct 1.

    Our Annual Business Meeting and International confab will be based at the Clarion University Executive Conference Center on 1 Sheraton Dr, Ithaca.

    The hotel is just about a mile from Ithaca Thompkins Airport (KITH) which will be our aerial hub. http://www.airnav.com/airport/KITH

    There, we will be hosted by Taughannock Aviation. http://www.flytac.com/services/ithaca-fbo-services

    What is there to do in the "Frozen Northeast"?? Well, 'taint yet frozen then! In fact we expect to still have much of that glorious foliage color for which the Northeast is famous. And Upstate New York is an entirely different planet from New York City. They call it the Empire State and each section is unique and exciting.

    Ithaca is, of course, home to Cornell University, Ithaca College, and Empire State College. You know that college towns can be lively places. And there in Ithaca ("High above Cayuga's waters...") there is a view to match.

    For those of you who are pondering attending AOPA's Summit in Hartford (Sept 22-24), may I suggest that you crown your vacation time with an aviation fix at both ends. Go to Hartford and enjoy the glitz and pomp of AOPA. Then, on the way home, come on up to BACFest and reestablish where your aviation roots really are...among us mere mortals who are privileged to drive Mice! It's a lazy hour and half flight between the two, over some of the most spectacular scenery in the east.

    More to come as we develop things. Including program notes as we lock them in, and reservation info at the Clarion and for BACFest itself. But pencil in...naww scratch that...use a PEN to mark off that last weekend in September for BACFEST 2011!

    Be there! Aloha
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    1. vanhook's Avatar
      vanhook -

      Are there great spirits still available in Ithaca or is this a BYOS event?

      Cloyd (aka Bald Eagle)
    1. sjcote's Avatar
      sjcote -
      Yes! Spirits do flow up by the lakes.
      Judging by the scenery on a drive from Cleveland to Massachusetts along I-90 2 years ago, there are more vineyards up there than France, California, and Australia combined!!! But, rest assured, Mr. Daniel's stuff as well as liquids from Canada, Scotland, and Ireland find there way in. If Brad comes, perhaps that fine Maker's Mark will as well.
      (It is NOT true that Cayuga's Waters flow with liquor. That's just residual effluent from all those Cornell students.)

      One suggestion I have for dining out is a place in Trumansburg, NY called "The Rongovian Embassy". Now, back when the earth was cooling and I was a college student, we discovered that place by the sheer noise. They had an entire wall of the building, the long wall, filled with all the brews, distillations, and concoctions they served. We found the only of the deliberately mis-matched chairs that did'nt wobble. When we commented on it to the waiter, the manager came over with a hacksaw and sawed a quarter inch off one leg!!

      I am told that the new owners have produced a more family flavor in the place...but it is still legendary up there.
    1. bmitchell's Avatar
      bmitchell -
      At BACFest 2011 I will leave my mark............Maker's Mark that is. However, it will be filtered through my body before being left behind!
    1. GMascelli's Avatar
      GMascelli -
      Wow, just read some of the reviews about the Clarion University Executive Conference Center, not many good comments. Hope it gets better before we reserve.
    1. GMascelli's Avatar
      GMascelli -
      Quote Originally Posted by sjcote View Post
      Thank you for your support and confidence in my abilities.
      Don't get your feathers ruffled.......I did not question your abilities. I just mentioned the comments posted.

      I'll just keep quiet and wait to reserve a room with everyone else....So much for the use of the internet and offering a comment on the forum.

      Best of luck, I'm sure you will do a great job!!
    1. sjcote's Avatar
      sjcote -
      I want to apologize publicly for snapping at you. It has not been a good week. Someone very dear to me had just had a stroke and I am quite frantic for her.
      More usefully, someone seems to have had a burr under their saddle about that hotel. I see this a lot with hotels and restaurants that have online customer comments. It is easy to flame an establishment; repeatedly logging negative comments, scores of them in some cases. If you look at such things enough you will often see the same phrases or even exact wording used in a string of comments "signed" by different names.
      We, in fact, had a similar occurrence with the LaQinta that we used last year in San Antonio...and it was the chain's Mothership.
      Oddly, perhaps not, you can detect an establishment salting their comment sections with glowing, but phony, reports too.
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