• vBulletin 4.1.4 Upgrade Coming

    We will shortly be cutting over to vBulletin 4.1.4 from the current 4.1.0. We have had an uncommonly long wait between updates for a variety of reasons - 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 were skipped due to regressions that would have impacted users. Schedule and other issues delayed timing on 4.1.3 enough for us to wait for 4.1.4.

    There are a number of updates:
    • A new WYSIWIG editor
      • Same editor in all site areas.
      • Much richer editing and formatting support including tables.
      • Auto-Save !!
      • Should fix the single quote cut-n-paste issue.
      • Much richer browser support.
      • Better behavior overall.
      • Table support !!
    • A new mobile theme that is particularly friendly to WebKit (iOS, Droid and WebOS devices) browsers.
    • Stronger social networking integration including like buttons.
    • Lots of bug fixes.
      • General update to the YUI framework used - especially helps IE9 users.
    • Several query and other backend performance improvements.
    I've embedded a short video at the end on the new editor to give some basic background for those that are interested as well. Thanks all...

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    1. Clinderman's Avatar
      Clinderman -
      Good stuff, Mark! I watched the video and there are some neat new things. Appreciate your staying on top of this kind of thing for us!

      Chris L.
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