• New Classifieds Quickie How-To

    Okay, there has been some confustion on the new classifieds software, here's some key points:
    • How to post a new ad.
    • How to access existing ads.
    • How to edit an ad.

    For all of these items - go to the Classifieds section by clicking Classifieds on the "Navbar".

    Then to place a new ad click the "Place an Ad" link:

    To edit or modify your existing ads you need to get to your existing ads. Go to My Ads:

    Then select the ad you want to modify:

    Then activate the "Product" menu:

    Then select the item from the menu you want:
    • Edit - will edit an ad allowing photos to be added or text changed.
    • SOLD IT! - will "de-activate" an ad - leaving it in the system but not showing as a listing.
    • RELIST - will "re-activate" an ad.
    • Move/Delete - Move or delete the ad - after selecting the ad look at the bottom of the ad, there will be new items without a full redraw:
      • To Move: - Select the new category and click Submit
      • To Delete: - Check the Delete checkbox and click Submit

    Hope this little bit helps.

    Comments can be made in the related forum thread at http://www.beechaeroclub.org/showthr...Quickie-How-To.
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