• Two Northeast Events on Saturday, June 2 ... Maine and Pennsylvania

    Brunswick, Maine KBXM, International Fly-In

    BAC Fly-In at KBXM Former Brunswick Naval Air

    BAC Airboss of Maine Rob Cushman, who is based at Brunswick, Maine KBXM, invites you to the International Fly-In scheduled for June 2 and 3.

    KBXM is the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. Admission is Free.

    Try this new-to-us airport just north of Portland, Maine about an hour flight north from Boston or south from Bangor.

    Includes Business Aviation Expo, Aircraft Display, Safety Seminars, Overnight Camping, Evening Entertainment.

    BAC will meet daily at 11:15am at show center. Wait for other BACers until 11:29am. Make a little BAC sign like the limo drivers.

    For info go to www.brunswickexecutiveairport.com or call 207 798-6512.

    Reading, Pennsylvania WWII Reenactors Encampment and BAC Fly-In

    Harvey Haag, Airboss of Pennsylvania is proud to announce a really unusual event. Along with a general fly-in and warbird display, this weekend hosts a fabulous group of World War II equipment and displays. Reenactors actually sleep there. This is a big show. which may require a small admission.

    June 2 (Saturday) KRDG, Reading PA. Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's 22nd WWII gathering of War Birds.

    BAC members should meet at 11:15am at the entrance to the WWII display area. Make a little sign like the limo guys do. Wait for others until 11:29.
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    1. corcoran's Avatar
      corcoran -
      As my plane is down and I am down... members who go to the Northeast fly-ins should contact me within a week of the event.
      I will give you credit for participating and give you Presiden't Trophy points for the one-way mileage getting there.
      Even if you drive send me an email about being there.

      Tom Corcoran
      Northeast Region Director... contact: mediareps@aol.com
    1. scottb613's Avatar
      scottb613 -
      Anyone going ??? Looks like I'm out... Sounded like fun...

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