• Website Updated to vBulletin 4.2.0 PL2

    Tonight we updated to vBulletin 4.2 PL2.

    General list of things in the update:

    • What's New has been updated to the new "Activity Stream":
      • Live updates and integrated feed of more places on the site for what has changed.
      • More flexible controls and mini-displays so you can see and jump to interesting items.

    • Ongoing fixes for various minor and security bugs.
    • Information on who has read a thread recently.
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    1. rgschmi's Avatar
      rgschmi -
      How do I get old display format back?
    1. TOMTERRIFIC's Avatar
      The old method had a button so as to go directly to the latest or unread posts. Is this available in the current display?
    1. mgooderum's Avatar
      mgooderum -
      To get the old style display back - just click "What's New" and then click "New Posts" - you will get the older forum only display feed with the shortcuts to latest or last unread posts. We will add have added that to the Hot Links menu...

      Update: Also - the See More link in the "new" display will take you to the end of the thread. There is no equivlent of the "blue button" in the new display - although looking at how to add one...
    1. Unclerap's Avatar
      Unclerap -
      New display looks like facebook, but I can get back to the good ole days with one add'l click, Good Job, Mark!!!
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