• St. Augustine Fly In Dec. 7, 8 & 9th

    BAC at St. Augustine, FL for “Nights of Lights” Fly-in

    December 7, 8 and 9, 2012

    Please join us for a special BAC event and opportunity to visit the “Oldest City” during their Holiday celebration, “Nights of Lights”.
    Galaxy Aviation will be the host FBO at North Florida Regional Airport (KSGJ), St. Augustine. *They have offered the following incentives to reduce your expenses and
    enhance your trip. *
    1. Motel reservations at Marriott or Fairfield for approximately $89.00 +tax and fees.
    2. Rental car: *Approximately $35.00 per day
    3. Fuel pumped at the self-serve price
    4. Park on the ramp for 2 nights, third night is free.
    Galaxy Aviation, 4900 US 1 N. STE 100, St. Augustine, FL *32095
    Phone: *904-824-1995. Toll-Free 800-840-1995. Fax: 904-824-4509
    This is the “high” season for St. Augustine motels. *This is an excellent rate for the
    Marriott Courtyard and Fairfield Inn motels. *All reservations are based on availability.
    I STRONGLY suggest that you make your motel and car rental reservations. *The folks at Galaxy will be glad to answer any questions you have pertaining to your reservations.
    Friday: Welcome pilots arriving at KSGJ. *Friday evening 5:30 to approximately 8:00,
    we will attend the First Friday event with the St. Augustine Airport Pilots Association.
    Cost of this event is $5.00 to $10.00 per person. *BYOB! *This depends on their menu.
    Presently, that has not been determined. *I believe it will be close to the $5.00 price.
    They have over 200 members. This is a great opportunity for both groups to meet
    and share experiences and “hanger fly”.
    Saturday: Welcome arriving members at KSGJ. *
    Saturday will be a day for everyone to explore their choice of the many historic and fun attractions in and near St. Augustine. *http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractio...e_Florida.html
    Saturday evening: We will meet at the conference center of KSGJ, for dinner. Our guest speaker will be Mr. Ron Stauss. *Mr. Stauss was Elvis Presley’s pilot. *I am
    confident everyone will enjoy his presentation.
    For dinner, we will have three choices of main dishes. *I will post the choices and
    e-mail those that are interested. *Any dietary needs, please contact me.
    There is the option of a group trolley tour of the downtown for “Nights of Lights”.
    That would start at 9PM, and must be prepaid 7 days in advance. *Cost is $11.00
    per person, if we have 25 people. *Tour lasts 45-60 minutes. *If we do not have
    25 interested, you can go one of the public tours that run until 9PM. *
    There will be a fee for Saturday nights’ activities. *We are doing everything we
    can to keep the costs down. *I will post this as soon as I can. *
    I encourage anyone who can, come earlier or stay later than our planned activities.
    Sunday: *If members are interested, we will arrange for a group breakfast on Sunday morning. *Cost would be “own your own”.
    If you are considering this event, please let us know ASAP. *We will have a
    cut-off date for registrations. *We really need 20 members/spouses/guests to make
    this work at the cost we feel to be very fair. *Please reply directly to me by e-mail.
    dave9640@aol.com * or phone: 904-687-7463, if you have any questions or comments.
    Suggestions are welcome.
    Thank you,
    Dave Singleton
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    1. corcoran's Avatar
      corcoran -
      We'll be spending the week in Florida anyway so,
      Margie and I are doing the one-night no-airplane deal at St. Augustine.
      We will drive up from Kissimmee on Saturday and join the pilot events.
      Galaxy Aviation was great and made reservations for us at the Marriot.
      So we'll be at the dinner and the light tour and maybe the breakfast too.
      Add us to the official guest list!

      Tom and Margie Corcoran
      Braintree, Massachusetts
    1. gembrey's Avatar
      gembrey -
      This is a great opportunity, folks. And Dave is busting his butt to make sure it's enjoyable and doesn't cost an arm-and-two legs. Take a chance!
    1. Wayward's Avatar
      Wayward -
      BAC St. Augustine Fly-in update

      Registration deadline has been extended until November 30, 2012.

      We must have a close count by this date as we will be attending the SAAPA event on
      Friday evening. They need to plan as they already have a large group. We must give our
      caterer a week’s notice. If this is a problem, please call me. In addition I need to know your
      arrival date.

      We hope to have a minimum of 30 attend. We currently have 20 members and guests paid.
      We have room for several more. We would like to make this an annual event.

      If we have 30 attend, the meal choices will be as follows:
      Sirloin MarsalaChicken Marsala
      Chicken Bryan
      Grilled Tilapia (probably a pecan crusted recipe)
      Any special dietary needs, please contact me.

      Their numbers: Local: 904-824-1995
      Free: 800-840-1995
      Fax: 904-824-4509
      Tell them you are with Beech Aero Club, to receive the correct rates.

      Please make your reservations as soon as possible. I want to stress this is the “high season” for motels. Do not wait until the last minute, as we cannot hold rooms without reservations.

      My phone number: 904-687-7463. Email: dave9640@aol.com. Please call or e-mail me with any questions. We want you to enjoy your visit with us, so do not hesitate to contact me.

      Thank you

    1. Wayward's Avatar
      Wayward -
      The BAC Fly-in at St. Augustine for the "Nights of Lights" is rapidly approaching. Come out and enjoy historic and beautiful St. Augustine. Meet and hanger fly with many of the local pilots. Enjoy dinner at the North Florida Regional Airport Conference Center (KSGJ) and our guest speaker, Mr. Ron Strauss, who was Elvis's pilot.

      Take advantage of the great discounts offered by Galaxy Aviation for fuel, motel rooms, and rental cars. Join us for a trolley tour of downtown St. Augustine and the "Nights of Lights". There is something for everyone in St. Augustine. We would appreciate your support.
    1. Wayward's Avatar
      Wayward -

      This just in.

      [hide]- [top]St. Augustine named 'must-see' destination.City joins 19 other exotic places from around the world to make National Geographic Traveler magazine's list. See this link for details.http://staugustine.com/news/local-news/2012-12-04/st-augustine-named-must-see-destination

      I have attached directions to the different locations for our activities. I have also attached an agenda for these activities. If you have any questions, it will be easier if you call me directly. 904-687-7463. I will be pretty busy the next few days and will not always have email available.

      Please see below for information on Friday nights activities. They usually get a donation of 5-10 dollars per person to cover the meals. Beer is $1.00 per bottle. You are welcome to BYOB.

      We have expanded some of the things to make your visit more enjoyable. We wish to grow this event annually and this is our only opportunity to make a good first impression. We want everyone to have a great time.

      The people at the airport are excited about BAC coming to St. Augustine and we are excited to have you here.

      St. Augustine Airport Pilots Association's (SAAPA) Monthly Meeting will be Saturday morning at 8:30 AM for coffee and donuts. This is optional. Meeting will start at 9:00 AM. See below for more info. Those that may want to attend, please let me know when you arrive on Friday. It usually lasts about 2 hours. We did not plan a group activity during the day for Saturday, as we felt everyone would like to tour on their own. Diverse attractions and activities are available; wine tasting, visiting the Old Fort, shopping on historic St. George Street, visiting the Alligator Farm, The Fountain of Youth, The Old Jail or the Light House, to name just a few. There are many others. As you can see, you won’t be bored!

      I view this as a great way to energize everyone for 2013. We hope to have many fly-ins hosted in Florida and the whole SE Region for BAC. We should ensure our aircraft get their regular exercise while keeping our skills sharp.

      Please let me know if you are going to attend by noon tomorrow. I did not set a deadline for refunding your money if you do not attend. However, if you know you are not coming, please contact me so we can adjust the food order accordingly and not exceed our projected budget.

      Thank you for your support.

      Best wishes for the Holiday Season,

      NEXT FRIDAY...
      December SAAPA 1st FRIDAY
      Is a holiday themed dinner!

      Please RSVP so that we may plan accordingly & have enough tables, chairs, & food for all.

      While there is no fee for this event, a donation jar will be on the serving table to help offset expenses.

      Friday, December 7th is also Pearl Harbor Day

      We'll enjoy a little 40's era Holiday music and encourage anyone who would like to add a little spin to the festivities to don their 40s apparel in recognition of Pearl Harbor Day.

      No matter what holiday you may/may not celebrate come out and celebrate the love flying and the freedom of General Aviation in the US of A!

      Craig Fordem will be cooking roast pork & Len Tucker will be frying turkeys

      Green Beans

      Potato Casserole


      If you are planning to attend and would like to contribute a dish... an appetizer or dessert would be a fabulous addition to the meal. It's the perfect time to try out a practice run recipe that you've been wanting to experiment with!
      Festivities begin at 5:30pm with dinner being served approximately 6pm

      Galaxy Shade Hangar (next to FBO & PGA hangar)

      Parking will be made available

      The BEECH AERO CLUB FLY-IN @ SGJ will be joining us!

      Children are welcome to attend...

      Santa is expected to make a cameo appearance!

      If you do plan to bring a child please let us know in advance so we have an accurate head count.

      Come out & relax with your fellow SAAPA members and Fly-In participants, talk airplanes, enjoy a little camaraderie & share a little holiday cheer...

      And...Don't forget!!!

      The following morning (Dec 8th) SAAPA 2nd Saturday Annual General Membership Meeting!!!

      Special guest speaker: Ed "Skip" Booth

      Named one of AOPA's Top 100 Aviation Enforcement Attorneys

      New SAAPA Board Members for 2013 will be announced

      Refreshments at 08:30am

      Program begins at 09:00am
    1. Wayward's Avatar
      Wayward -
      I would like to thank the faithful and dedicated members and their guests for a successful St. Augustine Fly-in. An unusual 3 days of being socked in (200ft, maybe) could have easily cut attendance in half, however, these members decided they were going to attend if they had to drive. They did drive. They came to the SAAPA Christmas Party from North Carolina, Georgia, South Florida, West Florida, and Mass. Ok, so Tom only drove from Orlando, FL. They said they would be there and 100% of them did attend. Gary suggested we rename it the “drive-in”.

      We enjoyed the SAAPA Christmas Party on Friday night, attended SAAPA monthly meeting on Saturday morning for a program by an Aviation Attorney. Saturday evening we started our program with an introduction of each member and guest. Vic Martinelli, a former Airport Board member, welcomed everyone to Northeast Florida Regional Airport and gave a brief review of the long term planning. Following dinner, BAC member Mike Thompson gave a presentation on the exceptional value of a membership in Beech Aero Club. He has experience with similar organizations and feels BAC is a very resourceful club. Now if he would just sell the p.

      Next was our guest speaker, Captain Ron Strauss. Captain Strauss has had an extensive career in aviation. He has flown over 40 years and exceeded 30,000 hours. Ron Strauss flew the “Lisa Maria, the Convair 880 from the time Elvis purchased the plane until just after his death. Incidentally, the 880 burned 2,000 gallons per hour in cruise. On Lisa Maria’s birthday, Elvis took her to Colorado for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. His presentation was informative and humorous. I think everyone was pleased.

      We had a short door prize drawing and then left for the Trolley Tour of St. Augustine’s “Nights of Lights”. Initially, we had a slight delay, but everything worked out and we had a very nice tour of the downtown historic district and all of the beautiful decorated building.

      Sunday morning, we met for breakfast at the Marriott, and after visiting for about an hour, everyone said their good-byes and departed for home.

      Thankfully, everyone had a safe trip home.

      The St. Augustine Airport Pilots Association were great hosts for the Christmas party and Saturday’s meeting. Denise and crew worked very hard to see that everyone was well fed and had a good time.

      I would like to thank Galaxy aviation for all they did to make this possible. Also, Vic Martinelli, the St. Augustine Airport Authority and the staff for their assistance. Special thanks for Ron Strauss for taking the trip to St. Augustine to share his experiences with us.

      I would like to thank Mike and Patti Deck. They started 3 days before getting everything in place for this event and things went very smoothly. Mike “Gunner” Thompson, the reason I own a Sundowner has always been there when anything was needed. I would also like to thank the guests and friends that came in support of BAC. Also, I would like to thank all the members of BAC for making this the fine organization that it is today.

      Most importantly, I want to again thank the members that came, even when they could not safely fly to the event. I greatly appreciate your efforts.
    1. FASTFRED's Avatar
      FASTFRED -
      Was well worth the "DRIVE" and one of the best local aviation affairs,if not the BEST, that I have been to in over 45years with great people who have a firm committment to our type of aviation. Thanks for butting in the effort to have such a nice event and we will definitely come again in the future. fred and steffi culleton N222WG
    1. FASTFRED's Avatar
      FASTFRED -
      sorry----putting on, NOT BUTTING IN
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