• Beech Aero Club Board of Directors Election

    Every two years the Beech Aero Club has an election of directors and officers. For the last few months the nomination committee has been busy creating a slate of candidates for the various positions. However, the nomination process is not over.

    Up until November 15, the Nomination Committee is responsible for identifying the members who will run for office. From November 16 through the 30th, nominations may come from the membership. The Bylaws state that any member can nominate any member including himself/herself.

    The Open Nomination period starts in a few days.

    Those already nominated by the Nomination Committee are as follows:

    President: Bo Boggs
    Vice President: Bob Schmidt
    Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Samac, Ed Gorman
    Southeast: Dave Singleton
    Mid-Atlantic: John Persinger, Alan White
    Northeast: Tom Corcoran
    South Central: Jay Bruce
    East Central: John Redmon
    North Central: Michael Nielson
    Southwest: Marty Vanover
    Northwest: (vacant)
    International: Mark Weiss

    Elections will follow in early December with the elected officers and Regional Directors taking office January 1, 2013.
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    1. musesierra's Avatar
      musesierra -
      Please PM or email me at doug dot muse at gmail dot com if you would like to add your name to the list. I encourage all members to consider running. This is your club and we need YOUR support to manage it.

      Doug Muse
      Nominations Committee Chair
    1. Clinderman's Avatar
      Clinderman -
      It will be good to see some new faces on the board. And, YET AGAIN, thank you Doug Muse for service on the election committee. That is a tough job that takes time and persistence! Well done, Tiny!

      All for one and one for all,
      Chris L.
    1. musesierra's Avatar
      musesierra -
      BAC is in need of a Northwest Regional Director. If you live in the Northwest region please consider running and let me know.
    1. mgooderum's Avatar
      mgooderum -
      FYI - elections may be a day late getting posted - having some network access difficulties from Shanghai to correct the final ballot polls.
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